The Palo Alto Institute of Technology is global, expert-level consultancy offering cost-effective services to local and global businesses. We are able to assist small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve extraordinary Internet goals on a limited budget. We also assist individuals seeking career enhancing consulting, including with the aim to relocate to Northern California.

Full Service Web Hosting

The Institute offers highly personalized and “private” full service web hosting. We spend time understanding your needs and getting you up and running with a reliable and affordable web presence. Web hosting is offered as part of our comprehensive full-service approach which covers every aspect of the web process cycle.

World Class WordPress Expertise

WordPress has become the world’s #1 LMS, but its implementation for a business-critical website requires expert-level skills and tools, fully mastered by the Institute’s professionals.

LMS for Higher Education

PAIT has proven expertise assisting universities reach their goals in the complex and competitive online education market. We specialize in full-service LMS deployment, including evaluation, customization and training.

SEO that delivers

The Institute has a proven record of placing competitive keywords on the first page of Google and Bing. Using proprietary and top-secret technologies, the Institute is able to help its customers drive organic traffic at a reasonable cost.

Corporate Identity from A to Z

From US incorporation to achieving Inc 500 success and status, the Institute accompanies entrepreneurs who wish to focus on technology and code, not marketing.

Web Analytics with SEO>Transcend

The Institute’s SEO>Transcend is an affordable, full featured Web Analytics platform that can be coupled with consulting services to help you maximize your global web visibility and income results.

Virtually every modern business or organization depends on a strong, compelling, Search engine visible web presence to survive and thrive. The Institute is especially committed to support global entrepreneurs and emerging “Inc 500” type companies throughout the process of become a successful global brand.